Friday, March 23, 2012

College Falafel


Tell me it isn't so.

Have I seriously not posted anything in over a month?!

Sad times they are. I had no recipes to blog about, no cookies to take pictures of. This past month, I haven't had the time to cook or bake. It was The Food Collective's fault (the title of my thesis project). But I presented it to a panel of judges on Wednesday, so now I'm free!

"A crowdsourcing site that harnesses the collective creativity of a crowd through an open-call format". <-- Totally memorized my presentation.

So if I haven't had time to cook or bake, then what have I been eating you ask?

Well a lot of coffee, a lot of donuts, and a lot of College Falafel.


Yes College Falafel. Only the best falafel and chicken shawarma in Toronto. And lucky for me, it's a 2 minute walk from my place. Not to mention it's owned by the nicest and sweetest couple in town. They make the neighbourhood feel like a neighbourhood, they get to know you on a personal level, it's a rare thing in a big city.


Quite often I've talked about love and food and how the are in need of each other. And both, Bardhyl and Oljana have a lot of love to give. Everything they make is from scratch. There is an attention to detail at this place. They understand that fresh vegetables, simple ingredients, and a whole lotta love makes food... well... food!


Making falafel fresh to order. That's food.



The tastiest desserts. That's love.
(Their finger baklava is amazing and the perfect bite of sweetness)


Oh yes, and did I mention that Bardhyl looks like a young Rober De Niro.

Think Godfather...or Taxi Driver.


450 Ossington Ave.
Toronto, ON.
416 532 8698

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