About Me

The Short Story:

Hi. My name is Erica.

I have a French friend who calls me a little ogre.

I'm a (graduated) Fashion student from Ryerson in Toronto. (Currently traveling Europe, which is the posh way of saying homeless and unemployed).

I read Food and Drink instead of Vogue.

I like to cook, bake and eat. 


The Long-er Story:

The name, "le petit ogre" comes from a good friend of mine from Paris. She calls me a little ogre. Apparently to her, I like to eat a lot.

I won’t deny this.

I mean really, would I have a food blog if I didn’t love food?

Of course it is not just the act of eating food that I love, but everything that comes with it. Friends, wine, music, story telling, it just has a way of bringing people together. I have so many wonderful memories associated with food and maybe even some that I wish I could remember but can’t.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have parents who are fantastic cooks. Being around different flavours, smells and textures has definitely created a palate that does not discriminate. I will try everything once.

Okay maybe not the cockroaches off the bug carts in Thailand. Unless, of course, I had a few beers to cleanse my palate first.

My parents are the ones who taught me how to cook. I remember as a kid, I was always given the task of chopping up the garlic, prepping the vegetables and learning how to quickly stir fry a meal. Baking, on the other hand, I did not learn from my parents.

Asians don't bake. 

Okay, so we have our moon cake. But I didn’t grow up in a household full of cookies and cupcakes. I never had a sweet old grandma to bake me these things. She lives all the way in Malaysia. And instead of baking me sweets, I’m sure she would have put me to work on the farm.

This might be why I decided to learn how to bake on my own. I realized that if I would ever enjoy home made cookies, I would have to make them myself. 

That’s what this blog has really turned into. Exploring a culinary world that I didn’t grow up in and trying to perfect those essential and basic recipes. Of course once in awhile, I’ll feature those home cooked meals that my parents are so fabulous at making. 

email me at: erica@lepetitogre.com

follow me on Instagram: @lepetitogre

photos by the fabulous Hanah at Ophelias Funeral.

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