Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mitzi's on College


After hearing and reading reviews of bad service at Mitzi's on College, I was reluctant to go. A few friends had said the food was great but the service was horrible. Blog TO had mentioned the same thing. I have been to this restaurant four times now, three times in one week, and I have yet to discover where people are getting this bad service.

The staff is lovely and they make you feel as if you are over at a friend's house for brunch. The patio's relaxed atmosphere is a great place to recharge from a late night out while people watching from your seat.



Their menu will also aid in revitalizing your body with fresh fruit juices or homemade granola and yoghurt. But if you are like me, and need to fill your stomach with hearty food, you should try their famous sweet oatmeal pancakes, usually topped with seasonal fruit coulis or sauces. They also serve your regular bacon and egg breakfast and scrabbled egg specials that are fantastic.




Another great reason to try Mitzi's is that it seems their menu changes almost weekly, so you know the food you are getting is fresh and in season.



Mitzi's on College
890 College Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 533-7400

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  1. hey...nice review! (its fred btw :)

    do franks kitchen next! im starting there from tommorow, food is great. keep the blog up its really cool.

  2. Hi Fred,
    I didn't realize that I never commented back. Thanks for the comment, you're really cool. :)


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