Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best of India, Oliver BC


The town of Oliver, located in the Okanagan, is the wine capital of Canada. This small town contains 10% of the nation's wineries. Which isn't too bad considering Oliver only has a population of 4300.

Although the town may be best known for it's wineries, it is not known for it's happening night life. In fact, it seems as though the town shuts down at 5pm, making it hard to find a place to eat, unless you are a senior and you eat dinner at 4.


There was one restaurant that seemed to grab my attention. Best of India is the name of the place and you guessed it, it's an Indian restaurant. Living in Toronto, I have the flavours of the world at my finger tips, so I was craving some good Indian food. I was a little hesitant to try the place, as the the tinted windows made it seem like something shady was going on. The first time I drove by it I wasn't even sure if it was open for business. However, as person who likes to try new places and new restaurants I thought I would give the little Indian restaurant a try.



Despite the shady tinted windows, the inside of the restaurant was filled with the aroma of delicious Indian food and was brightly painted the same beautiful colours you would see in many Indian spices. It was a relief to see that I did not walk into some dodgy restaurant and even more of a relief to see the menu.



We decided to start with the Vegi Samosa. Just a heads up, the samosa is quite spicy but they don't state it on the menu. Then we ordered the Chicken Cuurry, I couldn't resist the "special curry sauce" and the Dal Tarka for the vegetarian.



Both dishes were delicious and the bowls were wiped clean with the naan bread. If you are fan of butter chicken I would recommend getting the Chicken Curry instead. I've had the Butter Chicken and it wasn't the best I've ever had, not that it was bad, I mean I have never had bad Indian food, I don't know how it could ever taste bad, but it was not the best. Go for the Chicken Curry made with that "special curry sauce". Yum!


Best of India
36094 97th Street
Oliver BC

Pick up and Delivery available.

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